Get Balanced Nutrition with Rainbow Plant Food

To produce the best yields and highest quality, your crops need all the essential plant nutrients. That’s where Rainbow Plant Food comes in, a proven homogeneous granular fertilizer. Mike Howell, senior agronomist with Nutrien, recently spoke with Southeast AgNet’s Randall Weiseman about Rainbow Plant Food—what it is, how it works, and which crops it performs best in.


Randall Weiseman: What is Rainbow Plant Food?

Mike Howell: Rainbow Plant Food is a homogeneous fertilizer product, meaning each granule of fertilizer is going to contain all the necessary macro-and-micro-nutrients that your crop needs.


Randall Weiseman: Why is a homogeneous fertilizer better than just a regular blend?

Mike Howell: By using a homogeneous fertilizer you’re able to get all the necessary nutrients in each granule. You don’t have to worry about the product separating out traveling down the road. You have a more even distribution in the field so each plant is able to take up each nutrient as it’s needed for that crop.


Randall Weiseman: What crops do you recommend Rainbow products for?

Mike Howell: Rainbow Plant Food will work in any crop whether it’s a field crop or a vegetable crop. All crops require the same nutrients, it’s just in different proportions. We have over 50 grades of Rainbow Plant Food—one of those grades will meet your crop’s needs.


Randall Weiseman: I take it you have done a lot of research on the product, and you sound like you’re very pleased with it. It’s been a good product for you?

Mike Howell: It has been a great product for many, many years now. Probably close to 100 years of proven use in the field and growers still using it every day.

The Rainbow Plant Food Advantage

Get all the nutrients your plants need in one granule. See how Rainbow Plant Food is made and browse our portfolio of products designed to meet your needs. Don’t just take our word for it—hear what growers and retailers across the United States are saying about Rainbow Plant Food in these video testimonials.

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