Full spectrum nutrition for high-quality blueberries

Growing high-quality blueberries can be a tough task without the right fertilizer program. These berries are known for being sensitive to overwatering through irrigation, overfertilization, and elevated salt levels in the soil. Using a granular fertilizer can help reduce these risks.

Why is Rainbow Plant Food the granular fertilizer best suited for growing blueberries? With the help of Nutrien Premium Fertilizer Technologies Marketing Representative Doug Sibbitt, we’re examining how this homogeneous fertilizer fits into your blueberry fertilizer program.

The right source, the right rate

Blueberries are sensitive to overfertilization, so finding a balanced fertilizer is key to producing high-quality blueberries.

“Every Rainbow Plant Food granule has the same amount of nutrients in it, which makes for consistent distribution of those nutrients to the plant,” says Marketing Representative Doug Sibbitt. “When these same nutrients are blended, they can segregate during transportation, handling and application, resulting in uneven distribution in the field.”

As always, start with a soil test to first learn what the soil provides and what it needs. Unless the soil test results indicate otherwise, Super Rainbow 10-10-10 is a great fit for blueberry fertilization.

NPK Mg Ca S B CU Fe Mn Zn Cl NN
10 10 10  2.00 3.00 12.00 .070     .25 .10 6.00 .50


Blueberries thrive in acidic soil (low pH – around pH of 5). When selecting a fertilizer source, find one that won’t alter soil pH. Rainbow Plant Food is a neutral salt an2d does not increase soil acidity, regardless of the amount applied.

The right place, the right time

“The best time to broadcast apply Rainbow Plant Food on blueberries is in the spring before the leaves have grown in. For new plants, a second application should be made in late spring to get them established. For established plants, only one application in early spring is needed,” says Sibbitt.

To learn more about Rainbow Plant Food for blueberries, contact your local rep.

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