Which Rainbow is right for you?

Farming technology is constantly improving, and so is Rainbow Plant Food. All Rainbow Plant Food products – Super Rainbow, Rainbow and International – are screened for uniform size, and each granule contains nearly identical amounts of all the nutrients. Formulations are reviewed annually and altered as needed to meet the changing nutritional needs arising from increased yields, new crop varieties and modified farming practices. Rainbow Plant Food formulations are tailor-made, based on thousands of soil samples taken from area farms.

Suited to your soil’s needs

Maximum economic yield begins with a soil test to determine the key soil nutrients your crops need. Your own experience, combined with soil testing, is the first step to achieving a high-yielding, high-grading crop. Regular soil testing and the use of the appropriate Rainbow Plant Food grades will help you achieve complete nutritional balance for your crops.

Soil conditions can vary by region, field and even within fields. From sand to clay, soil textures play a major role in the nutrient profile and availability. It is also important for growers to consider that certain regions of the U.S. have greater deficiencies of certain micronutrients, and soil tests along with data from local extension agencies can help growers mitigate these deficiencies.

Once you have determined the unique needs of your soil as well as the optimal nutrient blend for your crops, you’re ready to decide which Rainbow product is right for you.

Custom formulations


International is formulated to give an even distribution of N, P and K, and to specifically meet your economic needs as well as your crops’ nutritional requirements. It is a reliable, cost-effective alternative to physically mixed materials. Granules of this product contain a standard amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur – the four essential ingredients for above-average yields.


Rainbow provides complete nutritional benefits to meet your crops’ needs. This formulation boasts the same four basic minerals as our International product and adds other nutrients such as boron, manganese and zinc to promote fuller, more vibrant crops. Originally a premium plant food for cotton in 1925, today this product is perfect for just about every crop, including cotton, corn, tobacco, soybeans and more.

Super Rainbow

Going premium pays. Super Rainbow offers you optimal nutritional benefits through additional nutrients such as magnesium, sulfur and calcium to facilitate exceptional yields and higher grades. This product line also boasts additional micronutrients including copper, iron and boron – all of which act as catalysts to activate enzyme systems and maximize plant health and crop quality. These kinds of inputs will lead you to exceptional yields, higher grades and maximum profits.

No matter what your crops and soil require, there’s a Rainbow for you. Our end goal? Your bottom line.

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